Nassfeld Sky Ultra

Technical categories


56.5 km


4,650 m

Maximum height

2,160 m

km effort


Level of difficulty


ITRA points



Running times












Course description


Start at the hotels on Nassfeld and run west along the ski slope for about 1.7 km to the mountain station of the Madritschen chair lift. Already on this section you have to cover approx. 400 positive meters in altitude. From there you run along the Austrian-Italian border for about 700 m before finally turning south and thus entering Italy. The trail descends slightly and goes southwards for about 500 m before turning left and continuing eastwards. After about 1.7 km of descent, turn right and head southeast along several horseshoe bends, over the Sella della Pridola and finally south of Monte Malvuerich Alto and west of Monte Malvuerich Basso (about 2.8 km). Steeply descending, the trail then turns first to the south, then to the west (approx. 2 km, approx. 500 negative meters in altitude) until you reach the Conca di Pricot alpine pasture. From here follows one of the longest ascents of the route, which leads you back to the vicinity of the Austrian-Italian border (approx. 4.8 km, approx. 850 positive meters in altitude). The Hinterrosskofel/Creta di Pricotic is circled on its western flank, the border is crossed and you continue running in a north-westerly direction over the Rudnigsattel/Sella di Aip (approx. 2.2 km). Before the Trogkofel/Creta di Aip, turn steeply downhill to the right. First you run through a scree field, then through a vegetated area and finally, after about 1.8 km, you return to the path. Follow this path with a detour across the ski slope in the direction of the Tröpolacher Alm (offering food and drink) (approx. 2.7 km) and from there continue to just before the Rattendorfer Alm (offering food and drink) (approx. 3 km). Turn right and run along the softly sloping Rattendorfer Alm path for approx. 6.5 km in a north-easterly direction. This is the start of the longest ascent of the route: over a distance of approx. 9.4 km, approx. 1,150 positive meters of altitude difference have to be overcome via several serpentines. The Windschaufel is passed on its southern flank and finally the summit of the Hochwipfel is reached. From here follows a descending section (approx. 4.8 km, approx. 620 negative vertical meters), passing under the Schulter/Creta di Lanza, finally back to the Rattendorfer Alm (offering food and drink). At the end of a left-hand bend after the Rattendorfer Alm (approx. 150 m), turn south. Follow the trail for about 750 m until you reach a fork in the road and take the left-hand trail to the Steinernes Meer. Important: After the Steinernes Meer, follow the left path to the Sagmeistersteig! The section (approx. 1 km) through the Steinernes Meer to the summit of the Zottachkopf are technically very demanding. The descent from the summit is between Zottachkopf and Trogkofel/Creta di Aip, which is then circumnavigated on its southern side (approx. 2.9 km). The view to the south on the traverse below the Trogkofel/Creta di Aip is one of the scenic highlights of the route. You then pass the Rudnigsattel/Sella di Aip again. Caution: After the Rudnigsattel/Sella di Aip, do not take the path back to the Rosskofel/Monte Cavallo di Pontebba, but after approx. 1.3 km follow a steep single trail leading first to the north, later to the east, to the reservoir below the Madritschen/Monte Madrizze (approx. 1.3 km). Directly before the reservoir, the terrain becomes more technically demanding. After the reservoir, you come back to the mountain stations of the Madritschen and Millennium Express cable cars. Then run down the ski slope back to the start (approx. 1.7 km).

Possible variants

Recommended months

July to September, depending on weather conditions

Suitable for dogs

Please direct your enquiries to the Nassfeld-Pressegger See Info & Service Centre.

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Useful information

·    Some passages are secured with steel ropes that you can hold on to.

·    In wet conditions, some passages can be slippery.

Additional information

Nassfeld Mountain Skytrails (

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